church stained glass windows

The Value of Church Stained Glass Windows

As you know, there are bunch of church stained glass windows in the sanctuary that can captivate your heart. It is colorful and beautiful art work. You might also think that it is no more than an ornamental one, i.e. beautiful rather than useful. However, the use of stained glass windows in this place is not merely to be a wall d├ęcor. They are meant for certain things needed in […]

stain glass window stickers

Stain Glass Window: the Exclusive and Colorful Window Art

Windows are present nowadays with many kinds of design. They are not always made into a transparent glass that only allows you to take a look outside from inside the house and vice versa. Furthermore, it only allows us to have natural light from outside and we cannot do anything about it. However, stain glass window is different. It can do what the transparent window cannot do. The Special Quality […]

hanging stained glass windows

Stained Glass Window Hangings As Interesting Gift

As people well know, stained glass is able to provide a very beautiful appearance. Using stained glass window hangings on your house will able to give a different impression than using other decorating techniques. Compared to other types of stained glass window, you will easily do the installation when you choose a product of hangings stained glass window. This way, you do not need to be difficult and confused to […]

stained glass window designs

Stained Glass Window Clings For More Beautiful Houses And Firm

This time people start liking a new attraction at the stained glass window clings. Stained glass window cling is an addition that can be mounted on the window with the design tools and methods are appropriate in order to reveal an elegant impression. Moreover, these goods can be easily printed with color print. During the printing process, the composition of the existing color will show the effect on the quality […]

design for small studio apartment

Small Studio Apartment Design: Tips And Design Reference

When having a small apartment, people must be challenged to how to find a small studio apartment design that is suitable among many existing design. Most people who love the simple style probably will not feel burdened because of things like this. However, some others people will feel confused and difficult because it cannot display the entire precious goods in the small apartment due to insufficient space. To that end, […]